Memories Of Then

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Set in Sydney, Australia, Memories of Then dances between present day and the summer of '64, when Elijah Samuels and Audrey Hughes met and fell in love.

Decades later, troubled Elijah is informed that Audrey is in a coma, her health declining. He visits her in palliative care, determined to pay his respects and say a final goodbye to a life, love and time he once knew. However, Audrey's family prove less than welcoming to this cantankerous, blunt stranger. Tensions rise when his presence during a difficult time is shunned.


But Elijah is not about to leave Audrey's side; he'd done that once before ...

Elijah finds an ally in Audrey's granddaughter, Chloe, who discovers her grandmother's secret diary. With Elijah's captivating storytelling and Chloe reading from Audrey's diary, the family is propelled back to the Swinging Sixties - a time of social upheaval, the sexual revolution, and the Vietnam War.

As Audrey's light fades, their love story forces her children to confront the broken pieces of their own lives.



From the turn of the first page " Memories of then" draws you in making it impossible to put down. This beautifully written piece takes you on an emotional journey, capturing the essence of each character. The Authors vivid word imagery takes you into every moment, captivating from beginning to end. I highly recommend this book.

  Amazon reviewer

Riveting book that I couldn’t put down !! Do yourself a favour and read this instant classic !

​  Goodreads reviewer

An absolute gem of a read. I am no bookworm but this story has me hooked. Definitely worth the read, you will not be disappointed.

​  Booktopia reviewer

This book is fantastic. It's well written and easy to digest. The story itself pulls at the heartstrings. 10/10

​  Booktopia reviewer