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Set in Wollongong, New South Wales, Love Doesn’t End with Death is a moving love story that dances between present day and the summer of ’64 – when Elijah Samuels fell in love with Audrey Hughes.

Decades later, Elijah hears that Audrey is close to death, so he decides to pay his respects and say a final goodbye to the love of his life. The problem is, Audrey’s family are less than welcoming of this cantankerous old man. To them, he is a stranger.

Only Audrey’s granddaughter, Sienna, is willing to listen to Elijah. She finds her grandmother’s diary and, together with Elijah’s captivating storytelling, the two propel Audrey’s family back to the Swinging Sixties – a time of intolerance, sexual revolution, psychedelic fashion, and the Vietnam War.

As the story unfolds, social stigmas are confronted, walls of intolerance are brought down, but most of all, Audrey’s family learn a hard lesson about what matters most in life.

As Audrey’s life draws to a close, her family’s lives change forever. Meanwhile, as Elijah is confronted with his own demise, he makes a heart-breaking decision.

Love Doesn’t End with Death is based on real events and will have readers questioning how far they would go for a second chance at true love...